The Philippines Educational Placement Test (PEPT) is the principal instrument used in the Accreditation and Equivalency Program (AEP) which was first established in 1977. The main objective of the AEP is to retrieve out-of-school youths and place them in the formal school system, if they so desire, and to place over-aged in-school youth in the grade/year level corresponding to their ages. The PEPT tests the competencies gained through formal, informal, and non-formal education which is equivalent to those developed in five subject areas–communication arts in English and Filipino, science, mathematics and social studies–from first grade in the elementary school to fourth year in the secondary school. Each subject area test includes 120 test items in a multiple-choice format.

The regular PEPT is administered in designated testing centers throughout the country, usually on the last Sunday of November, in special examination centers in April and May, and in walk-in examinations in the NETRC anytime during the year.

Jenecar M. Fetalvo


Educational Accreditation